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Reawakening (3+)

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Some months ago I saw in on private server (Reawakening 3+) and I searched to how I could do this. I found.

How this works? You can edit by Hexadecimal.

Code below is just to explain for you to how this works.


49cd0d18: EXP in Book Demon
0001: Reawakening Level 1
00000069: Character Level 105
543ace68*****: Reawakening Date(12/10/2014) unix timestamp

000000000000000000000000000000000000000: You just need to understand this after you complete second reawakening. Because you need count the bits to add the third reawakening. I'll not explain all for you, put your mind to work and you understand this.

1) Convert this HEX to DECIMAL;
2) Put the DECIMAL in conversor site(link below) to see timestamp;
3) Get timestamp and convert DECIMAL to HEX;
4) Change pink value to change your reawakening date.

I just explained what represent each value. And I'll share below Reawakening 10. If you need to find (Level 3, 4, 5, etc..) study the code above and try to edit by yourself. Is not so dificulty!

Reawakening 10:


Convert Hex to Decimal:
Convert Decimal to Hex:
Unix timestamp converter:

If this be good for you, please hit the like button!


PS: If you have knowledge in JSP/PHP u can make a script to your players Reawakening by Web. Bonus Point you can edit "PP" in character XML.

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