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proc_type is a set of flags packed to an integer. Here's an explanation of what each flag does

0 doesn't drop on death
1 unable to drop
2 unable to sell
3 reserved for fashion, has no effect on other gear
4 unable to trade
5 unable to refine (?)
6 bind on equip
7 unknown (?)
8 expires when leaving area
9 used once picked up
10 drops on death
11 lost on log off
12 can't repair
13 unknown (?)
14 unable to acc. stash

Packing flags:
(1 << POS1) | (1 << POS2) | ...

for example

(1 << 0) | (1 << 1) | (1 << 4) = 19 = doesn't drop on death, unable to drop, unable to trade

POS 7 and 13 seem to be unused. I haven't found any items using these flags.
POS 5 might be wrong, as refinability is also determined by other factors.

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