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Teemo Cell

Installing CPW

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Server Side

  1. Download CPW
  2. Open your phpmyadmin and create new database named cpw
  3. Import CPW.sql in database cpw
  4. Extract the CPW on your Desktop (Extract to CPW)
  5. Go to "var/www" (or var/www/html) and create a new folder and name it cpw
  6. Upload CPW to "var/www/cpw" (or var/www/html/cpw)
  7. Login in your server (via Putty) and navigate it to your www(html) folder (cd /var/www or cd /var/www/html)
  8. Type ./cpw install and input your mysql server (eg, localhost), mysql login (eg, pwu), mysql password (eg, superpuperpassword), Input mysql database name (eg, pwu).
  9. Back to your WinSCP and open folder CPW/files/CPW/info and open file pid change value 131 to 101.
  10. Go to your client \patcher\server and open file pid.ini change value 131 to 101.
  11. Move to your client, copy Launcher.exe and patcher.exe to folder CPW.
  12.  Run ./cpw x Launcher.exe patcher.exe (java will automatically edit and change RSA key inside Launcher and patcher.)
  13.  Next, run ./cpw initial (this command to create a empty version 1 patch)

Server side is done

Client Side
12. Open folder patcher/server/ and edit file updateserver.txt to your server (eg, "World" "http:/")
13. That is all, now your client is version 1, and ready to make patches

Make New Patch
To make new patch simply put files you want update inside CPW/files/new (server side) and then type ./cpw new (this command create next version patch)
Make sure you created the needed folders. If you update for example Create a folder with the name data in CPW/files/new
For config.pck create a folder named config

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