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    • U-Edit is an web based config editor for Unturned. Easily edit your configs for your server and your plugins.
    • Server Required Specs:

      Version 1.3.x:
        RAM (with NO MORE than a 1:1 ratio of SWAP) 16GB/+ -- FULL SERVER 6GB -- WORLD MAP + 1 4GB -- WORLD MAP ONLY BANDWIDTH As fast as you can get, there is NO such thing as too fast! 100/100 -- for a decent sized "public" server [of ~1600 simultaneous connections] 24/4 (DSL/cable) -- for a small server [of ~64 simultaneous connections] HDD 1TB -- 1,000,000 accounts (8,000,000 characters) 1GB -- 1,000 accounts (8,000 characters) 1MB -- 1 account (8 characters) CPU INTEL or AMD As long as it was manufactured in or after the year 2008 As long as it was manufactured in or after the year 2005
      Version 1.4.x:
        RAM -- 32GB/+ (NO less)(with NO MORE than a 1:1 ratio of SWAP) BANDWIDTH -- 100/100 or faster HDD -- 1TB per 500,000 accounts or 4,000,000 characters  
      Setup Errors:
        Wrong permissions of the server files [ 0755 ]  
      GS Errors:
        1. A gshop item has a higher stack amount limit in elements.data
        The error should look similar to: ÅäÖÃÎļþ:'gs.conf' ÅäÖÃÔö²¹Îļþ:'gsalias.conf' ×°±¸ºó°ó¶¨¹¦ÄÜ´ò¿ª °Ù±¦¸óÖÐÎïÆ·27728(1¸ö)³¬¹ýÁ˶ѵþÉÏÏÞ0 ³õʼ»¯°Ù±¦¸óÊý¾Ýʧ°Ü µÚÒ»²½³õʼ»¯Ê§°Ü£¬´íÎóºÅ:-31
      To debug this error, complete the following steps: Open Notepad++ Click File > New Paste the error Click Encoding > Character Sets > Chinese > GB2312 (Simplified) Copy all the text Paste into Google Translate Convert from Chinese to English
      The result should look like: Profiles: 'gs.conf' configuration addendum: 'gsalias.conf' Binds function opens Babolat Court items 27728 (a) exceeds the stacking limit 0 Babolat Court failed to initialize data The first step initialization failed with error number: -31   Meaning - Item number 27728 in gshop.data does not have the same stack limit as it does in elements.data
        2. gshop.data and gshopsev.data include and item that is not elments.data

      3. gshop.data and gshopsev.data have different timestamps

      4. gshop has more than 2500 items

      5. An items price in gshop = 0
      gFactiond Errors:
        1. Wrong or missing libs
        Meaning - Java is not installed, which is required to use pwAdmin/iWeb

      Fix - Run the following command(s):

      64-bit Systems apt-get install openjdk-6-jre apt-get install ia32-libs   32-bit Systems apt-get install openjdk-6-jre  
      Client Errors:
      1. Server Network Error
        Meaning - Client is unable to connect to the server

      Possible Causes: Auth table.xml doesn't have correct credentials Auth has wrong Java path or libs Missing hosts
      2. Client Version to Low
        Meaning - Client data files are not the same as the servers

      Possible Causes: Wrong gshop.data or gshop1.data (CLIENT) Wrong gshopsev.data or gshopsev1.data (SERVER) gshop.data and gshop1.data don't have the same time stamp as gshopsev.data and gshopsev1.data
      3. Server Error 255
        Cause: Missing service name in hosts
      If there are any error(s) that should be added, let me know what the error is along with the solution/causes. If you don't know or have the solution/causes I will look into it myself.
    • For those developing PCK file tools, here are the keys I know.
      Feel free to add more, if you know them.

      Zhuxian/PW (version 0x20002)
      Version: 0x20002
      HeadChkHead: 0x4DCA23EF
      HeadChkTail: 0x56A089B7
      TblChkHead: 0xFDFDFEEE
      TblChkTail: 0xF00DBEEF
      NdxTblXorHd: 0xA8937462
      NdxTblXorTl: 0xF1A43653
      IndexValue: 0xA8937462

      Saint Seiya
      Version: 0x20002
      HeadChkHead: 0x4DCA23EF
      HeadChkTail: 0x56A089B7
      TblChkHead: 0x7B2A7820
      TblChkTail: 0xA75DC142
      NdxTblXorHd: 0xA8937462
      NdxTblXorTl: 0xF1A43653
      IndexValue: 0xA8937462

      Forsaken World
      Version: 0x20002
      HeadChkHead: 0x4DCA23EF
      HeadChkTail: 0x56A089B7
      TblChkHead: 0xA508BDC4
      TblChkTail: 0x853567C8
      NdxTblXorHd: 0x21C31A3F
      NdxTblXorTl: 0x185C2025
      IndexValue: 0x21C31A3F

      Ether Saga Odyssey
      Version: 0x20002
      HeadChkHead: 0x4DCA23EF
      HeadChkTail: 0x56A089B7
      TblChkHead: 0x5DA82A50
      TblChkTail: 0x79D29F4A
      NdxTblXorHd: 0xB6CD2509
      NdxTblXorTl: 0x6C9FC1B5
      IndexValue: 0xB6CD2509

      Hot Dance Party
      Version: 0x20002
      HeadChkHead: 0x4DCA23EF
      HeadChkTail: 0x56A089B7
      TblChkHead: 0xAB12908F
      TblChkTail: 0xB3231902
      NdxTblXorHd: 0x2A63810E
      NdxTblXorTl: 0x3210C46D
      IndexValue: 0x2A63810E

      Version: 0x20003
      HeadChkHead: 0x5EDB34F0
      HeadChkTail: 0x00000000
      TblChkHead: 0x7B2A7820
      TblChkTail: 0xA75DC142
      NdxTblXorHd: 0x62A4F9E1
      NdxTblXorTl: 0x3520C3D5
      IndexValue: 0x49AB7F1D33C3EDDB

      Perfect World (version 0x20003)
      Version: 0x20003
    • Some months ago I saw in on private server (Reawakening 3+) and I searched to how I could do this. I found.

      How this works? You can edit by Hexadecimal.

      Code below is just to explain for you to how this works.

      49cd0d18: EXP in Book Demon
      0001: Reawakening Level 1
      00000069: Character Level 105
      543ace68*****: Reawakening Date(12/10/2014) unix timestamp
      000000000000000000000000000000000000000: You just need to understand this after you complete second reawakening. Because you need count the bits to add the third reawakening. I'll not explain all for you, put your mind to work and you understand this.

      1) Convert this HEX to DECIMAL;
      2) Put the DECIMAL in conversor site(link below) to see timestamp;
      3) Get timestamp and convert DECIMAL to HEX;
      4) Change pink value to change your reawakening date.

      I just explained what represent each value. And I'll share below Reawakening 10. If you need to find (Level 3, 4, 5, etc..) study the code above and try to edit by yourself. Is not so dificulty!

      Reawakening 10: 49cd0d18000a00000069543ace68000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000000000000000069543acf26000000000

      Convert Hex to Decimal: http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/hex-to-decimal-converter
      Convert Decimal to Hex: http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter
      Unix timestamp converter: http://www.onlineconversion.com/unix_time.htm

      If this be good for you, please hit the like button!


      PS: If you have knowledge in JSP/PHP u can make a script to your players Reawakening by Web. Bonus Point you can edit "PP" in character XML.
    • proc_type is a set of flags packed to an integer. Here's an explanation of what each flag does
        POS DESCRIPTION 0 doesn't drop on death 1 unable to drop 2 unable to sell 3 reserved for fashion, has no effect on other gear 4 unable to trade 5 unable to refine (?) 6 bind on equip 7 unknown (?) 8 expires when leaving area 9 used once picked up 10 drops on death 11 lost on log off 12 can't repair 13 unknown (?) 14 unable to acc. stash
      Packing flags:
      (1 << POS1) | (1 << POS2) | ...

      for example

      (1 << 0) | (1 << 1) | (1 << 4) = 19 = doesn't drop on death, unable to drop, unable to trade

      POS 7 and 13 seem to be unused. I haven't found any items using these flags.
      POS 5 might be wrong, as refinability is also determined by other factors.
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